SuMMit! - City Game *TIP

Get (to) those points!

Several teams move into the city, armed with the SuMMit game booklet. It describes various places, sights and details in the city, closer to and further from the city centre. The assignment is as clear as simple: collect as many points as possible within 2 hours!

The harder it is to find an item, the more points can be earned. You get the points of an item by taking a picture of your team at the location that you send directly to our control room via WhatsApp. There is also a question connected to every place, only the correct answer in combination with the photo gets the points!

The Leuven Leisure office acts as control room/central point where our team, through WhatsApp, follows every team live! Every team sends it selfies in realtime to our team and points are counted live. Teams can photobomb other team along the way (taking a selfie with an other team in the background) and so make 5 points extra per photobomb made. After 2 hours all teams must be in (3 penalty points per minute late, strict but fair and very funny), we accept the booklets and count the points. The winners are put in the spotlight. That's SuMMit!

1, 2, 3, GO!

customized, all days and times possible
self-guided city game / ideal as a team building, playfully competitive
by bike: 44 euro p.p. (2h30) or 49 euro p.p. (3h) with a drink at the end
on foot: 24 euro p.p. (2h30) or 29 euro p.p. (3h) with drink included at the end
incl. game material and prize for the winners

starts from the Leuven Leisure office, Boekhandelstraat 1
request via