Pub Games Tour **CLASSIC

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By bike, we discover the typical Leuven café culture. In several popular bars we play with the still present but almost forgotten ancient folk games (and no, it is not darts or foosball!)  At each bar, a drink of your choice is available for you to enjoy.

Help bring the fading history of folk games back to life. Together, we keep it alive!

customized, possible from Tuesday to Friday at any time, but best at daytime in the afternoon - Monday, Saturday and Sunday not possible since various cafés then close
+/-1h per bar

by bicycle:
- 50 euro p.p. incl. guide, 3 games, 3 drinks: +/-3h
on foot:
- 35 euro p.p. incl. guide, 2 games and 2 drinks: +/-2h
​- 45 euro p.p. incl. guide, 3 games and 3 drinks: +/-3h

with bicycles: starts and ends at the Leuven Leisure office, Boekhandelstraat 1
on foot: preferably start at Martelarenplein (station square), otherwise at Leuven Leisure office
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