Leuven on SemkoWheels *TIP

i.c.w. SemkoWheels www.semkowheels.be

Back to the Future with SemkoWheels and Leuven Leisure.100% ecofriendly!

Discovering the city on SemkoWheels's electrical appliances is pure joy. You start with a short initiation and once you get your balance, cruise along with our guide to Leuven's most beautiful places and anecdotes

customized, every day and time possible / duration 2h
up to 6 p. = 95 euro p.p.
vanaf 7 p. = 85 euro p.p.
vanaf 10 p. = 75 euro p.p.
incl. guide, device rental and 30 min. initiation

starts and ends at cultural center OPEK at Vaartkom (Stella Artois brewery neighbourhood) or wherever best fits your group
request at hello@leuvenleisure.com