Hilly Hageland - e-bike tour *TIP

Leuven is the gateway to the Hageland, East Brabant. Together with a guide-Hageland expert of Leuven Leisure, enter that gateway!

A wonderful world of vast vistas, cute villages that seem frozen in time, pastures and vineyards, hollow roads, roadside chapels everywhere... The Hageland is a beautiful world-on-its-own. On the bike it goes up and down: these hills are sandbanks, millions of years old, when the sea still occupied this area. With that electric bicycle underneath you, you'll be fine and at ease. 

customized, every day and time possible
choose between a 5 hour bike ride (first impression, West Hageland) or a day trip (+/- 8h) (e.g. 11am-7pm) if you want to discover more of the area
incl. a drink along the way - of course we can stop more often for a drink and in any case we have a break for lunch or picknick: we can arrange a restaurant booking, or we can make your picknick, ask for it

- 5h: 85 euro p.p.
- full day (+/-8h): 99 euro p.p.
= incl. guide, electric bike and drink along the way. Standard with e-bike, but also possible with city bike for very sportive groups (discount of 10 euro)

leaves from Leuven Leisure office, Boekhandelstraat 1, or whereever suits you best
request through hello@leuvenleisure