Brewery Bike Ride **CLASSIC

i.c.w. Beer Hop

Riding along the most beautiful roads, we cycle to one or two artisan breweries near Leuven. Our guide takes you through forests and fields, past castles and abbeys. You get a tour of the brewer(y)(ies) and taste the house beers, of course.

customized, every day and time possible - best not on a Sunday, most breweries close on Sundays
one brewery: 60 euro p.p. / 53 euro p.p. with own bike = tour of approx 3h30 to 4h
two breweries: 80 euro p.p. / 73 euro p.p. with own bike = tour of approx 5 to 5h30 (a whole afternoon)
the breweries: we select the brewer(y)(ies) to visit in the Leuven area according to their availability for visits and the size of your group: Brouwerij Adept, Braxatorum Parcensis, Craywinckelhof, De Coureur, De Kroon, De Vlier, Hof Ten Dormaal, Renard, Van Campenhout, Vissenaken
incl. guide, bike rental, brewery visit(s) and tasting of the beers
starts from the Leuven Leisure office, Boekhandelstraat 1, or whereever suits you best, ask for it
request through

this tour also runs every Saturday of spring and summer (including October) 1 to 6 pm
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